• Juniors Swim!

    Juniors Swim!

    classes available at The Swim School of Austin
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Intermediate (6 yr to 17 yr)

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This class is for those students who are looking to learn more advanced strokes such as competitive backstroke and breaststroke. The Intermediate class is great for those looking to join the swim team!

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Advanced (7 yr to 17 yr)

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This class is for those students who are already really good swimmers! They know almost all the strokes but want to continue to perfect their technique. We will also be introducing butterfly and flip turns in this class.

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Snorkeling (5-8 yrs, 8+ yrs)


Snorkel like a pro on your next vacation!  You can learn how to snorkel safely and comfortably with a little help from one of our snorkeling instructors in our in-door, heated pool.  We have classes for 5-8 yr olds, juniors 8+ years old, and adults.  We also offer private snorkeling lessons!  Check with the office to arrange your snorkeling lessons today!

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Swim School of Austin Location

1001 W. Anderson Lane

Austin, TX 78757

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On the South side of Hwy 183 and West of Lamar.

Across the street from the Hobby Lobby.