Swim School of Austin Teaching Philosophy

We believe swim lessons should be taught just like any other sport or extracurricular activity: year-round lessons focusing on skills and advancement based on each student’s proficiency.

SSI's teaching philosophy also includes compassion based instruction. Water sports inspire fear in new and young participants. Students must be able to trust their teachers in order to move past the fear and learn the skill. Positive reinforcement and encouragement at every opportunity lead to happy and loyal swimmers. Age, size, and swim level are all important considerations when organizing classes.

Objective, performance-based promotions are paramount to the integrity of our program. 3rd party confirmation gives credibility to the student’s achievement. Also, Teachers are encouraged to stick to the letter of the Gold Script knowing that the students coming into their classes have a specific dependable set of skills and that the students promoting out of the classes will be expected to have certain abilities upon reaching the next level.

Students of every age and ability thrive with multiple sensory stimulation. The swim Teacher gives verbal cues and instructions. These cues come from the Gold Script and are consistent from one Teacher to another. Students have visual reinforcement of these instructions. The Teacher may demonstrate the skills and the students are encouraged to observe their classmates. The Teacher may also need to physically manipulate a student’s movements. Each turn a swimmer takes should include correction, if any is required, encouragement, and praise.

Most importantly, swimmers need repetition, practice, and consistency. This is key to the swimmer’s continued improvement and to the success of the school. A swimmer who takes piano lessons for one month in the spring and two weeks in the fall would not be playing any recitals next summer. Happy, progressing swimmers and involved parents and families lead to loyal customers.

Swim School of Austin Location

1001 W. Anderson Lane

Austin, TX 78757

(512) 623-9410


On the South side of Hwy 183 and West of Lamar.

Across the street from the Hobby Lobby.