Beginners I, II, III (6 yr to 17 yr)

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In the beginners' classes, the kids are old enough to fully understand the importance of swimming and safety around the pool. They start learning more swimming skills in these classes and also swimming farther distances. Kids at these ages normally take instruction easily and are eager to learn.

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Preschool Beginners and Advanced (4 yr to 5 yr)

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Teaching 4 year olds to swim is a piece of cake! At this age, their attention span is up and they want to do well in their classes. They are normally not afraid of the water and are willing to try hard to achieve the goals of the class. We take turns in this class and play some games to make it fun and easy for the kids to learn swimming. This class is a lot of fun and the kids learn a lot.

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Aquatikes (3 yr)

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In our classes we teach the swimming skills, play games, and we have them take turns so that each child will learn something and have fun during their turn, without getting bored or distracted when it's their time to swim. This class is going to get your little one swimming in no time!

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